Operation Desert Vibes

So you've decided to partake in a musical desert adventure. Congrats! As someone I guess you can call a veteran, I've learned several lessons about prepping properly for Coachella. Trust me. I've got stories. Like one time a girlfriend & I ended up sleeping in what should be considered a walk in closet, only to be awoken by a loud toad outside of the door. Yes, toad. In the desert. Let it sink in. Or camping out and having a dazed & extremely delusional chap telling everyone super early in the morn that he was famous and wanted us to see his youtube video. Yep, I think I've seen practically all of it. Whether being in the same vicinity as a Victoria secret angel or David Hasselhoff, I'm unfazed and you should be too. 

No matter what music festival you attend, there are gonna be weird and oh so exciting situations. Just roll with it but also be prepared. Like having a camera ready to snap up any crazy moments as proof, pair of stellar booties so your feet don't get stomped on, or having the right tools in looking cool calm & collected if you manage your way into any exclusive parties. Below I've compiled a practical list of things you might want to stuff in your backpack/purse/tote. Check it out!