Best Summer Salad Recipe


I'm not gonna lie, the whole reason why I was inspired to make this salad was all thanks to fennel. Yes, that licorice flavored fresh veggie made my noggin start thinking and researching ideas. Doesn't help that with this crazy LA heat, I wanted to make something refreshing and yet satisfying. Cue pinterest for giving me major inspo. I just love scrolling along my feed, spotting unique recipes, and saving them on my board to come back to. This particular recipe caught my eye - Thanks Williams Sonoma!

Hands down an absolutely light, crispy, and tasty dish! Also my new mandoline came in use for slicing most of the ingredients. I warn you it's addicting. I did tweak this recipe a bit by adding a few more ingredients to make it hartier as a main dish. Once everything was prepped, I added some parmigiano reggiano as a final touch. I dare you not to eat all of this in one sitting, it's that good!

This is definitely a dish that will make an impression. I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Here's what I added to the recipe:

- two stalks of celery

- a can of drained chickpeas

- a cup of cooked quinoa

- seasoned chicken breast


There is something about stumbling upon a new culinary treat that makes my taste buds tingle with delight. Dining isn't just about food, it's also about the atmosphere and the people within it. That's where Babette's comes in.

During my time in London, I had the unique opportunity to see first hand this beautiful dynamic. Laughter amongst the staff, patrons eagerly awaiting their meals, lovers enveloped in each others company and so forth. That's something you cannot force, it just is.

Babette, the owner is a breathtaking human being, seeing good in people, providing little nuggets of pure wisdom, and encompassing the je ne sais quoi of every french woman. Plus she makes the most amazing hot sauces that I cannot find in the states.

If you ever catch yourself in London, you should check out this magical spot. Fin.